About Us

    Russ opened Fossil Shift in 2015 inside the Grant County Chamber of Commerce. He can be found regularly riding the paved and gravel roads in the county, as well as hitting local mountain bike trails. Russ can service any kind of bike and has a good selection of parts in stock regularly. He’s a current Eastern Oregon Trail Alliance member and a ┬ábig supporter of other local businesses. He often contributes donations and labor in support of projects such as the John Day Bike Park and the soon to be built trails at Magone Lake. He’s happy to provide information on local biking resources!

    Contact Us

    Use the contact form at left to send us a message. Or, give us a ring for a quicker response. We will never sell or give away your contact information.
    Address: 301 W Main Street, John Day, OR. 97845\
    Phone: 541-620-0014